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Hayward, CA


So we all are itching to run out and plunk down some more money on yet another video display device so that the cable companies can provide their over-priced over-rated and poorly delivered products and services? Who pays for this tidy little feature? You got it, the consumer- even if they NEVER connect to cable, FIOS, UVERSE etc. the cost of this technology will be passed onto them. NOW they are talking about requiring a special TV/feature in order to receive Cable feed and this is called "progress"? Then there is the question of this possibility of yet more intrusion into our viewing habits and our personal information. Wonder what/how their TOS will address hacks, screwups of consumer equipmnet due to Cable delivery faux-pas. Again, the consumer will take on all risk /liability and there will be little or no recourse for them.
Let them keep their VOD /PPV "service" and their Nielsen ratings. its just a sham business model