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Downingtown, PA
reply to Qumahlin

Re: This would seem to be a windfall for

said by Qumahlin:

said by JPL:

said by Jafo232:

Could it possibly lead to at least one less remote? Oh please, that makes it worth it by leaps and bounds..

Now, if they would just make a deal with DirecTV and Dish Network!
Third, these types of deals tend to take a long time to go through (when exactly is Comcast rolling out it's Tivo-enabled DVR around the country?) - so I wouldn't go unplugging my STBs anytime soon. Finally, unless they put harddrives in these TVs, people will still opt to have DVRs on their TVs.
Actually the TiVo software has been in testing for quite some time. I wish Comcast had just decided to release a special "tivo" version box, but the reason it has taken so long is because the software had to be modified to work on the motorola hardware already in place.

You also don't need to put a harddrive in the TV. Nowadays you can spend less than 300 bucks for a 1 terabyte external drive. Hell cable boxes currently support certain external drives for DVR add-on, but the ability to use them has been disabled for the most part...which is one of the most annoying things about the cable receiver industry. Year after year they roll out receivers with tons of fancy features and ports...most of which are disabled due to fear of how thier use may enable piracy and cut into the bottom line of both the cable co's and the entertainment industry.
Exactly my point about the Comcast/Tivo deal. How long has it been since that deal was announced - what, 3 years now? And it's still in testing? Moving at a glacial pace. My point is that these types of joint ventures are seldom quick to come to market. As for the external drive to your TV... let me see if I understand this - people want to get rid of having a DVR on the outside of their TV - a totally self-contained unit - so they'll be just fine with getting an external harddrive for their TV? I don't buy it. Plus, the TV would STILL need the DVR s/w to make all that work - just plugging in a harddrive doesn't give the TV the smarts to allow for things like setting up series to record.