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This is a sub-selection from ugh

Tavistock NJ

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reply to devnuller

Re: ugh

said by devnuller:

"I wasn't even really thinking. Plus, I'm just so mad at Comcast. I'm tired of their shitty service."

So negativly impact all their customers... nice move. Another thing they could have done was just cancel service.
I hope the FBI tracks them down and throws their sorry butts in prison. We'll see if they are still laughing then.
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i am with you TK, and people wonder why comcast has such a bad name. There are plenty of people out there that could not access there email or the comcast.net home page and all they know is that comcast's having problems again not knowing that some morons were hacking the site.

reply to FFH5
said by FFH5:

I hope the FBI tracks them down
Shouldn't be too difficult if the kid actually did call the Comcast tech rep at his house regarding the domain transfer.


reply to FFH5
Me too. I had a few irate, cussing, "were losing 10 billion dollars a second" customers that were mad as hell because a couple of "important" emails were bounced during this.


Glen Burnie, MD

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reply to FFH5
said by FFH5:

I hope the FBI tracks them down and throws their sorry butts in prison. We'll see if they are still laughing then.
Funny how when a private citizen does something like this you want to lock them up and throw away the key yet when a corporation does this, you want to give a free pass to them.


Spring, TX

Yock isn't seeing that we are getting ripped off by not getting what we are being paid for. Sure we can cancel, but where's the refund of our money spent on service that never delivered what was advertised?

Road Runner was able to deliver what they advertised & give adequate customer support & service, Comcast could do it if they'd reach behind them & pull their heads out of their arses. Luckily, I do have a few other choices for my connection, not that all of them would work as well as Comcast IF they actually got it to work as it should!

Jason Levine

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reply to FFH5
I've got to agree. It isn't like the kids were messing around and accidentally got Comcast's DNS transferred to them. They:

1. Saw a vulnerability
2. Actively exploited it to gain control of 200 Comcast domain names
3. Watched as the domain was transferred back to Comcast
4. Exploited the vulnerability to gain control of the domain names for a second time
5. Reported the situation to Comcast
and, when the manager (called at home, no less) laughed at those kids on the phone claiming to have taken control of the Comcast domain name,
6. Decided to hurt Comcast to soothe their anger by redirecting the domain names to a server under the hackers' control

The background given on the kids is interesting. Both have been arrested before. One even thought he would be arrested this time so he slept in his clothes. (Apparently, last time he was sleeping nude or something. Talk about TMI!) They are both high school dropouts. "Defiant" apparently "assaulted" his school's resource office after being caught in the possession of narcotics. Real mature reaction there, but pretty much seems in line with his reaction to the Comcast manager.

They even don't seem remorseful for what they've done. Yes, they seem to fear jail time a bit, but when asked whether they would attack anyone else in a similar manner, they responded "Who knows. Only Kryogeniks [their hacking group] knows." Plus the article described them as going "freely between jubilant excitement over the impact of their attack, and fatalism that they would soon be arrested for it." That doesn't sound like anything close to remorse for doing something that financially impacted thousands if not millions of people.

These kids deserve a little lesson in Real Life. Namely that actions have consequences and if you take something from someone, you *will* be punished for it no matter how much you claim it was in retaliation for poor service.
-Jason Levine
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sandy meadow


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reply to moonpuppy
we pay millions for football stars who wont give us the time of day, and so called famous movie stARS who dont want us to look at them on the street, because of us they have 4 houses, whats a little comcast problem

Heavy Artillery For The Little Guy
Tulsa, OK
reply to FFH5
Yeah. *Anyone* who embarrasses of disrupts a corporation using disobedience tactics like protesting, going on strike, Sit-ins, street demonstrations, online demonstrations and internet disobedience (like hacking websites, etc), reveals damaging internal information to the media or posts it on the internet. boycotts, sick-outs, or files lawsuits etc etc should all be thrown straight into prison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

.... Not.
"Regulatory capitalism is when companies invest in lawyers, lobbyists, and politicians, instead of plant, people, and customer service." - former FCC Chairman William Kennard (A real FCC Chairman, unlike the current Corporate Spokesperson in the job!)

Huh? What?
Pasadena, TX
reply to FFH5
Are you kidding? This is not worth the FBI's time. There is real crime out there - let the FBI deal with that.

No harm no foul. This is not a real big deal.

A little perspective, please.

Please keep your f---ing religion to yourself.
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This is a sub-selection from ugh