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Glen Burnie, MD

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Re: ugh

said by FFH:

I hope the FBI tracks them down and throws their sorry butts in prison. We'll see if they are still laughing then.
Funny how when a private citizen does something like this you want to lock them up and throw away the key yet when a corporation does this, you want to give a free pass to them.


Spring, TX


Yock isn't seeing that we are getting ripped off by not getting what we are being paid for. Sure we can cancel, but where's the refund of our money spent on service that never delivered what was advertised?

Road Runner was able to deliver what they advertised & give adequate customer support & service, Comcast could do it if they'd reach behind them & pull their heads out of their arses. Luckily, I do have a few other choices for my connection, not that all of them would work as well as Comcast IF they actually got it to work as it should!

sandy meadow


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we pay millions for football stars who wont give us the time of day, and so called famous movie stARS who dont want us to look at them on the street, because of us they have 4 houses, whats a little comcast problem

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This is a sub-selection from ugh