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The Moon
reply to JamesPC

Re: hacker scum

said by JamesPC:

The hacker is the f..... prick. I hate hackers, im waiting for the day that one of these fools brags in front of me (cant wait). I am going to lay him out.
What did they hack?

Nothing, technically.

They stole a password and successfully lied to another person in order to gain authorized access to change a DNS record.

All it takes to accomplish that is some charm and half a clue.

The Moon

And if you believe their line, they even tried to GIVE IT BACK!!!!!

But the Comcast dude was an arrogant douchebag.

Comcast deserved a little bit of comuppance, and that's exactly what they got.


Orange, CA

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The hacker acts like he has the right to mess with other peoples server. "OH, im going to teach them a lesson, big bad company not listening to me". Thats the same mentality a criminal has, they think they are above it because they can get away with it. I admit i have thought about taking down a server I dont like because I can. But then I would be that guy that thinks he so kool because i can do something that is quite simple. They think they are teaching someone a lesson. Basically, they are sooooo full of themselves, thinking that they are righteous in there hacking. I love the part about, if he was not a prick i would not hack. Good way to justify your bullshit.


Austin, TX

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Cry some more? I will not say what they did was wrong..sometimes you have to be extreme to get something done. This is what happens to people in ivory towers.

Living my life like it's golden
Baltimore, MD

said by DMNTD:

Cry some more? I will not say what they did was wrong.
unauthorized, illegal, dishonest, etc., etc., etc.... i may have to lean towards it being very wrong.
"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.