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Re: In Other News.......

It would be nice if spam dropped completely.
What these skriptkiddies did has nothing to do with hacking.
Hacking in the true sense of the word is making a pc or other
piece of hardware do something it wasn't designed to do.
Best way to stop this nonsense is, "before we change your
domain sir, I'll have to call the number listed in the
technical contact information" or "Please fax your
authorization on company letterhead".
Then call the # on that letterhead to be sure.
No one should just be allowed to change a domain name because
a voice on the phone says so. Also, to combat the spam
problem, have the ability to block *@domain.* would be nice.

--Deeply Shrouded & Quiet
--Central Control! D-Dial #49


Orange, CA

Definition of HACKER:
Computer Slang.
a. a computer enthusiast.
b. a microcomputer user who attempts to gain unauthorized access to proprietary computer systems.

THINK ABOUT IT, don't get stuck in the semantics.