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Aptos, CA
reply to devnuller

Re: ugh

said by devnuller:

"I wasn't even really thinking. Plus, I'm just so mad at Comcast. I'm tired of their shitty service."

So negativly impact all their customers...
No kidding. I was checking for voicemails from attorneys and rental opportunities, and there was a delay in me figuring out how to get my voicemails.


1. I figured out how to get in using the text replacement they put up before I ran out of time budgeted for checking my voicemail.
2. No one left any messages, obviating the need to log in.

Yes, Comcast should have better security, but fact of the matter is that now my ISP will be expending resources on making things bitchier rather than improving service, since most corporate security programs these days tend to be based upon bitchifying things more.

In other words, their prank had the potential to cause real serious problems in peoples' lives. It didn't in mine, but it was extremely close to doing so. I wouldn't be surprised if it actually did for others.
« Comcast
This is a sub-selection from ugh