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Never Enough Time
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Re: ugh

said by taar:

I am sure they covered their tracks pretty well before doing this. No doubt they will eventually be caught but i have a feeling it will be from them boasting all over the net instead of a trace of the IP address where the attack originated.
They didn't cover their tracks at all. Also this is not "hacking". Using social engineering and a "technical flaw" does not a hacker make. Also notice they never said exploit but rather "flaw" which has me believing that like many secure sites netsol has made the mistake of making it far too easy to reset a password.

All this kid did was con his way into getting the password to their management console, then redirecting the traffic to a single page. His attack had no flair, no skill, and his "message" was your typical script kiddy "HAHA LOOK WHAT I DID" drivel.

If his attack truly had anythng to do with his "shitty service" perhaps he would of actually made a statement...you know actually wrote out a coherent legitimate complaint and redirected the pages to that...perhaps then I would find this interesting.

All in all this kid is going to be seeing quite the large array of legal fees. There is no need for a corporation to send someone to jail when it's easier to stall their case in the system and force them into bankruptcy
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This is a sub-selection from ugh