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Fairfield, MT
·3Rivers Communic..


It is terrible case of hate for Comcast, but it is NOT unexpected. After all, their sub-contractors, over priced under provided services, lies about the "unlimited cable internet" and Speeds are bad. But since these hackers were over seas could it be that with all the users of Comcast, being upset and angry wishing that Comcast gets theirs, well it happened, and guess what, Network Solutions needs to be held accountable they should of seen the illegal attempts and realized that things were a miss and should of fixed it. Remember Network Solutions back in the mid 90's when they charged $70 a year for domain names and were the only ones because they shut down anyone else who tried for the longest time to hold their monopoly. Things then changed. It's a pity. Everything in the U.S. is out of control.

Well perhaps maybe if anyone is to blame for all this, is we have to only look into a mirror.

4 years only 4 years folks before people panic (like the y2k) they now think 2012 (December 21st) is the last day or end of the world. We will see, just like we will see if Comcast ever cleans up their act.

Sure when pigs fly, hell freezes over, and it rains frogs.
The following statement is true...
The preceding statement was false!!--George Carlin

The Final Frontier

Valparaiso, IN

Sorry for all of you that your connection is not up to par. Maybe there are some things on this site that can help you get a better connection. They have certainly helped me.
I know you think you understand what you thought I said, but I am not sure you realize what you heard is not what I meant. Nixon


Racine, WI
reply to Suntop
Sure when pigs fly, hell freezes over, and it rains frogs.

pigs fly and it has rained frogs...tornados can do some strange things.

hell freezes over every winter...(hell michigan)