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Boy are you guys stupid

you make it sound like rest of canada has no civil authority
AND BELL CAN BE SUED civilly class action wise ANYWHERE

SONY was sued class action in ontario
and have a look at all the class action google can find
»www.google.ca/search?q=class+act ··· irefox-a

And i will note that sony class action that resulted in a win, if bell/rogers wish to continue spreading FUD to prevent ontario and other places from suing that is there prerogative but know that the rest of us aren't fooled.

We pleasantly await some nice soul with either the money to start it, or a kind lawyer who will go for it.
About Class Action Lawsuits in Canada

A class action allows one person, called a representative plaintiff, to start a lawsuit on behalf of himself/herself as well as all others who fit into the defined class, subject to the rights of class members to withdraw or opt-out. This means that a single person can commence a class action on behalf of hundreds or thousands of people.

Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland are the only five provinces in Canada with Class Action Legislation in effect. The Supreme Court of Canada has recently ruled that court procedures allowing representative actions can be interpreted so as to allow for class actions.

Class action legislation in Canada allows greater access to justice by permitting groups of people who are similarly affected to join together in commencing legal action.

»www.avalanchesearch.com/classact ··· tionlaw/

I am going to call the number will you?


said by chronoss2008:

I am going to call the number will you?
You guys have been tainted by your American neighbors, who use civil suits to accomplish political goals.