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Sudbury, ON

Throttling make Sympatico loose yet another customer

Bittorrent has slowed to snails pace in my home.
I just informed Bell that they lost me as a subscriber. In my opinion, I am like many other people I have zero need for high speed without bittorrent. My old 56k modem is fine for email. And in fact I can get greatr speeds from the free cafe and hotel Wifis in my neighborhood for the rare google seachs i do.
THere is only one reason for us needing high speed connections and we all know what that is. So if Bell whants to chop off the hand that feeds it I don't care. I'll just save money in the long run by using another provider or none at all.


Sudbury, ON
I have also refused to pay my outstanding bill since this is NOT what I agreed to. UNLIMITED 6Megs is what I agreed to pay for not this crap.