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Newark, DE

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Strange change on down vs. up rates

In the half year or so we have had the Cavtel DSL/Phonom package, the connection has been OK, ranging from 2900/768 to 3300/902. We had dropouts once in a while, but the modem would always eventually retrain or else we would restart or power cycle the modem. No real problems, IMO.

This abruptly changed this past Saturday night. At first the download rates plummeted to below 1500 but now have come back over 3000, but the strange part to me is the upload rate: it has never recovered beyond about 450 or so.

The line quality looks like:

US/DS Margin: 15/15, US/DS Attenuation: 32/56

Perhaps the most dramatic change is in the Peak Cell Rate: 1063, about half of what it used to be (2127).

It is clear to me that the line should be able support the range that we observed for six months, so I cannot understand why the down rate would be OK now, but not the up rate. Cavalier wants to send a tech out here on site, but I cannot understand how this could be explained on my end.

Does anyone have a clue about this kind of discrepancy? TIA.