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Concerned about Comcast HSI download limits

I was using about 25GB per month on DSL Express from AT&T. About the same time Comcast HSI came into my life, so did several DirecTV HR21 DVR's. A feature I just tried out of the HR21 is the ability to provide video on demand. This is a mostly free beta service. The video's are mostly free, and come via ethernet (in other words Comcast HSI). I downloaded a few videos, and noted that my usage had increased considerably. While I won't be doing downloads all the time, we do have a few HR21 DVR's.

It appears possible, as best I can determine from the few tests that I've done that my monthly internet data usage could rise from about 25GB to nearly 100GB. Not wanting to get off on the wrong foot with Comcast, is this utilization too high? If so, I can just disable the video on demand or restrict it to a single DVR as an example. It appears downloading movies consumes considerable bandwidth. My only prior experience with downloaded video content was from web sites, mostly youtube.

For anyone interested basic Comcast HSI 6MB down is able to keep up with DirecTV's internet based video on demand, so that the instant you begin to download a program it can be completely watched. The download is faster than the viewing of the program in my experience.

Thanks in advance for any insight you can offer.
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Well, Comcast has made mention that they are considering doing caps at 250GB/Mo.

Personally (and from experience), if you stay around 100GB/mo., you should be ok.
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Please see this FAQ (linked in forum navigation bar): »Comcast High Speed Internet FAQ »Does Comcast have bandwidth use limits?

And then, as requested in that FAQ, please keep the discussion in this thread ---> »Comcast Bandwidth Abuse/Limits - Discuss here only
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