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Morehead, KY

Windstream Network Status

Is there some place you can go to on their web page or else where to check on the status of things?
Like email or anything else that's wrong.

If not that should be something they ought to think about adding.

Lexington, KY
It seems like they should do something like that, but dont ever expect it to happen. Now if a large outage of voice service happens it is usually told to the public thru local media outlets. Its kind of a fine line, between being a public utility for voice, and a private isp with internet connections.

reply to Ronnie_USA
If you have some sort of dedicated service with Static IP addresses you could use a route server or setup some remote SNMP server that will could IM your cell phone with outages. There are companies that even monitor and report outages to for a fee.

I wouldn't expect to see a web portal where customers can see the Windstream network and their connections within it. From a scaling and support issue, it would be extremely large, even for a small ISP like windstream. There is also no financial benefit to creating a system like this. And it all comes down to MONEY!!! Capitalism > Socialism, but it isn't perfect.