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Hayward, CA

Verizon FIOS-A pipedream

This is great news to those who are fortunate to have a choice of Verizon over Comcast. I can't even imagine the internet speeds being thrown around with VZ FIOS offerings. For internet service in my area of the SF Bay, we have the smokin'' hot COVAD of 1.5/384 Copper DSL (if you are lucky), Comcast offers their "premium" 6.0/768(remember no guarantees)with POWERBOOST. AT&T is not even on the Radar with a U-Verse offering and serves up the same anemic 1.5/384 as their top tier DSL service-woo hoo hold me back. Goes to show what the absence of good healthy competition or lack of will do to the market and the choice for the consumer.I know that I should feel lucky as there are still states that don't even offer 1.5/384. SAd that I can go to a sleepy little town in Oregon and get the same DSL service(or better) as I can here in the SF Bay.