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Seamonkey's back
Irving, TX

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Re: Firefox 3 honors Windows Security Zones...

I'm more annoyed about the launching a virus scan when done "feature."

It's the responsibility of the AV app to scan files upon their creation, and the user to tell it to (or not to) do so. If I don't want a file to be scanned on creation, that's between me and my antivirus software. What's next, FTP clients that do spyware scans? Feh.

Honoring IE Security Zones however I find quite interesting and not a bad idea at all. NoScript? Heh, no need - add to trusted sites! Or if you don't trust it quite THAT much, move from Restricted to Internet zone.

And, I notice yet again, stuff that should be optional is left out of the options dialog, forcing the user to go to about:config. This is supposed to be a browser for the masses?

If this were SeaMonkey, there'd be a checkbox for both of these features, conveniently located in an intuitive place in the preferences dialog.
Think outside the fox...Seamonkey