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Hilo, HI
reply to vicks

Re: Firefox 3 honors Windows Security Zones...

Yeah...that is Fx3 going backwards. In earlier versions you could not run it rather your ONLY choice was to download to disk in the obvious hope that the user would then scan it with their AV before running it. I suppose Fx3 changed it because the user's AV will be forced to scan it by Fx after downloading and before running. Of course, the user will just turn that off in preferences ...just as they ran it after downloading to disk in earlier versions without having their AV scan it.

You can lead a horse to water but you can't force it to drink. Same with people. I don't think any of this "forcing" should be happening. None of these things should be by default. (I recall all the brouhaha surrounding the decision some time ago to force download to disk and I was against it. I think folks should be able to choose to poison themselves if they want). There should be lots of options and then users should choose the ones they want because they are going to do that anyway. You cannot force security on users. That doesn't work. All you do is end up creating "hackers" or you lose market share as most people resent being forced to do something they don't like.
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