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Hilo, HI
reply to vicks

Re: Firefox 3 honors Windows Security Zones...

said by vicks :

said by Cudni:

it is good to be sure, what happens when you click to download .exe in FF 2 ?
You didn't understand what is Windows Security Zone.
Try these steps:
1. download an exe with Firefox 2
2. save to disk
3. run it
result: when you run it, no warning is shown because the file has not marked by an alternate data stream

Since XP SP2, Internet Explorer 6 marks all downloaded files by an alternate data stream which tells it comes from Internet zone and so Windows shows this warning:

What about those of us who have a Shell extension that removes ALL Alternate Data Streams? I would never allow any ADS on any file. I immediately right click check any file I download for ADS and the extension removes the ADS. Viruses and other crap can hide in ADS. Why would Microsoft be so stupid as to use a known hiding place for malware to mark a file? UGH. (I don't know if the Shell extension works on Vista. I think I will try and see. I have downloaded almost nothing to Vista. I just grab from the network what I need).
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