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[Line Problem] Zyxel p-600 keeps restarting.

I use a zyxel P-600 series Modem. I recently Upgraded to EL 3mbits Adsl Connection. I check Speedtest.com and 2wire.com And it tells me That Im actually at 2mbits(rounded off) or lower.
I talked to a EL Agent And he told me that it was 2 DL and 2 UL.
UL, when checked on those speed check sites, say it's a 200kbits(rounded off).
Is this Right?
To me i feel like Im not getting the speed im paying for.
Also, the Modem keeps restarting itself for no apparent reason.
I was playing on XBL and I kept getting disconnected.

noise margin downstream: 5 db
output power upstream: 11 db
attenuation downstream: 57 db

noise margin upstream: 19 db
output power downstream: 16 db
attenuation upstream: 31 db

Please Help me.


San Marcos, CA

Hi, check filters. If that's negative, use paper clip and press and hold the "reset" button on back of modem for 30 secs. Reconfigure modem settings and try again.


Miami, FL
reply to Etorment27

Looking at the stats you posted, it looks like you will be experiencing line instability due to a borderline low SNR and high attenuation. You should get a loop length test and also get some additional data from your P-600's diagnostics. Mainly, you want to see what download rate the modem is syncing at. This is under system status. At some point you need to eliminate the possibility it's something connected to your phone line or the line itself that is causing your problems. It's possible you will be able to sync at 3.0 and attain a good SNR, but in the meantime, the modem will try it's best to sync up and that might explain the 2.0 speeds. Remember to account for overhead when you're doing a speed test. 80 percent of 3.0 is 2.4, that would be a good speed test if you're synced at 3.0.

Doctor Olds
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reply to Etorment27

Your DSL Stats are low for the Downstream SNR. You should test at the NID to see if that improves or not. Anytime you increase speeds, you place higher demands/loads on the copper loop.

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reply to MIA_Dogs

This info has Been incredibly Helpful!!
Thank you MIA_Dogs And Doctor Olds!!
Very Much Appreciated!!


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