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Silvio Dante
Mod 2001-02
Holland, MI

Whoah. Comments on a news article?

Well, this is a first. Cool. Anyway, what I find significant about this article for Charter subscribers is that the analyst seems to believe that Charter has targeted their desired footprint size and probably won't aggressively expand beyond 10k subscribers.

Now, this may not be true. But if it is accurate, the impact on service will be that resources will be steadily shifted throughout 2002 toward unification and upgrades for existing systems. It should mean improvements in all aspects, from call center to backbone, as Charter moves toward a platform capable of providing the advanced services they have planned for the future.

Clearly the system isn't ready for it now, but it will be interesting to watch the situation over the next several quarters to see if customers reap any benefits.

Of course, if Charter bids up, say, Adelphia, well, that changes everything. Would be 2003 before we see any reinvestment in the system. That would suck.
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