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Lisle, IL
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reply to jaa

Re: The Difference here...

said by jaa:

I don't agree - all companies follow the same rules for phone, cable, and internet.

To me, the services remain distinct. I watch TV on my television set. I surf the internet on my computer. I make phone calls with my telephone. Sort of hard to watch the news on your telephone - and just as hard to wish your mom a happy birthday with your TV set.

The fact they all go over fiber has nothing to do with the fact they are distinct services with different regulations.
Yes, but with the Triple play, and possibly even Quad plays, as well as technology development, it is totally possible, and probable, that soon you will be making Video-Phone VoIP calls from your TV. You can already on some Wireless phones watch the news on your phone. And again, with more functions available, especially with IPTV in the mix, you could easily wish your mother happy birthday thru the TV, either by some program, an email, or again, the afore-mentioned Video Phone thru your TV, which IS FINALLY GETTING CLOSER!

And it has very much to do with the fiber and the different regulations. The services are so versatile now and flexible, that the regulations should be consistent for Consumer Telecommunications. Either apply the Phone standard to the Cable Cos, or the Cable Co standard to the Phone Cos. But fair is fair.