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Muddy Field
reply to Doctor Four

Re: [Scam] Anthony Morrison/Hidden Millionaires Infomercial

said by Doctor Four:

Funny thing is, regular posters to this forum have seen this
very sort of thing happen before. Time and time again, those
who defend a scam or scheme show up to try and refute what
others here have said about it, without providing any proof
to support their claims.
Without fail, it's the same old, same old. The defender who angrily attacks his critics, with absolutely no proof otherwise.

This system is no different than any other system one pays for. Which begs the question, if it made so much money, why is he not hiring people to do the system and keep the huge reaping profits?

There is clearly more profit in selling a package at $4k then he can ever dream to profit of off each person he could employ instead.

If it were legit, and someone actually made 100K a month on it, he wouldn't be a financial genius, he'd be a moron.
"There are no victories against stupidity; only battles."