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Minneapolis, MN
reply to patcat88

Re: The real laugh

said by patcat88:

said by dynodb:

If Bell's upstream DSLAM links are too slow, the whole problem could be fixed quite cheaply by upgrading the networking board in the back of DSLAM to gigabit Ethernet. For a company already publicly pledging to spend $500 million in capital upgrades this year, such a fix would be pocket change.
This is the truely funny part, because whoever wrote it is completely clueless. He honestly thinks it's just a matter of slapping a GigE card in a DSLAM and all problems are solved? Such ignorance can only come from someone who hasn't the slightest idea what they're talking about.

That's like suggesting that by putting high speed tires on your car, you'll go faster.
No, it is that simple. If your not following a capital upgrade plan, then your to blame.
No, as someone who's been involved in precisely this type of upgrade- it's nowhere near that simple.

Assuming the DSLAM is even capable of being upgraded to GigE (not all are), it still requires fiber to be run to it, the DSLAM completely reconfigured, GigE switches/routers to actually connect to, provisioning and troubleshooting systems to be upgraded... and even then you're still not solving the congestion problem, since the ISP gateway trunk is more likely to be prone to congestion than the DSLAM trunk.

That means new gateway routers, even more GigE backbone switches/routers, more systems upgrades, etc.

Again- anyone who thinks that merely swapping out a card solves the problem or converting to GigE is cheap and easy has no experience or knowledge of what they're talking about. It's an expensive, time consuming process.


Sandy, UT
He thinks you just push a big red button that says upgrade. Either he's young on a PHB.

Nothing is ever as simple in real life as some people think it is. Adding capacity to a communication network is very similar to adding capacity to your local freeway or any other infrastructure job. It's not cheap, it's not easy and it takes a long time. The only time it's "easy" is if the pavement is already there and all you are doing is putting down paint, the equivalent in communication would be if all the network capacity is there because the upgrade already happened. In the real world you don't overbuild your capacity because the costs of new installations are tremendous and demand has to be there before you build it.


Jamaica, NY
reply to dynodb
said by dynodb:

Assuming the DSLAM is even capable of being upgraded to GigE (not all are), it still requires fiber to be run to it,
Hahahhaa, a DSLAM without fiber? what are you using, bonded AMI T1s? still stuck back in 1979? No wonder broadband in the USA is a joke.