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reply to Good for Bell

Re: I Support Bell

said by Good for Bell :

I support Bell and their throttling especially against 3rd party ISP's renting off the Network. These companies are offering Unlimmited bandwidth to their customers. Bell doesn't offer that to their own customers unless your grandfathered. Funny thing happened last week. I went out on a DSL repair. Tek Savvy customer complaining of no sync at the modem. I went out to investigate and he's getting 5meg/800 excellent sync on the line. He then calls his ISP support line and hands the phone to me. I said how long has he been your DSL customer. The guy on the phone says 5 years. I ask have you ever sent him a new modem because it's the modem. No its not theres a problem with the line the guy tells me. I said look my friend Its your companys modem. Send him a new one. Well he'll have to pay 80 dollars for a new modem. I say to the tek savvy guy. Buddy, Bell is providing your customer with 5 megs. Right on the modem it says One meg modem. technology from like 7 years ago. At least if he were Bells customers they'd send him a new modem with the upgrade. The guy asks what company I work for and my ID number. Take a hike I tell the guy. The customer was not impressed and said he'll call Sympatico right away to become a subscriber. The 3rd party ISP's are cheating there customers with yesterdays technology for todays capabilities. All these companys have been ISP's for a few years. Its time they spent some money and got their own Networks and stop renting off of Bells Network. These companys are not ISP's. They are Pirates. So why shouldn't Bell Give the better technology and service to Sympatico subscribers. You get what you pay for going 3rd party. Why buy from the middle man when you can buy from the source.
Get the fuck out.