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Stamford, CT

What should I say to retention dept for best deal

My triple play deal is set to expire at the end of the month. Considering Cablevision has a fair amount of competition (directv/dish, uverse, etc) I'm not thrilled about paying "full" price, particularly for TV & Opt Voice.

While I'm still debating moving to Sat for TV and sticking exclusively w/ Vonage for phone, I'll probably keep Cablevision services if they can give me a good deal. (I'm keeping OOL regardless)

So I'm going to call to cancel just so I can be redirected to their retention dept. Are there any strategies/comments anyone here would suggest I'd use/say other than the obvious or what I've already stated here? I understand some people have gotten fairly generous deals after speaking w/ the retention dept and I would now like to be one of those people.

Thanks for any help

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Good luck - hope you get someone new that doesn't know anything that might think ujoke at the 6mbps "premium" tier is competition to OOL.

Since you have no choice for internet besides OOL, that eliminates uverse. So now you are down to satelite or OOL (assuming you have a place to put a dish). Phone there are lots of choices - I use Vonage.

Sadly, since at&t is too lame to offer anything competitive, you are pretty much stuck. And one would think their retention department knows this. I suggest researching the alternatives so you know what the costs/features are - their retention department "should" have that information. Be careful about touting uverse - I think that is a sure giveaway that you are bluffing.

Let us know how you make out.
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Bronx, NY
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reply to Anorexorcist
I was under the impression that there are no retention deals only Optimum Rewards after the 12 months are up. I think you only get a great deal for retention if FIOS is available at your address. Rumor has it that the only thing that scares the living daylights out of CV is FIOS. I may be wrong..

Stamford, CT
reply to jaa
Thanks for the feedback.

I'm not going to cancel OOL Internet nor was I planning on it. This is strictly a call to get a better price after my tripple play deal expires. If they can't give me a better price, and alternatives are cheapter then I'll drop Opt Voice and Opt Tv....but OOL I am keeping either way.

Satelite is certainly an option for me...I do have space for a dish. I'm in the process now of seeing what kind of price I'd get w/ Dish & Directv before giving cablevision a call. I will bring up AT&T in the call in regards to TV but I'm honestly not seriously considering them...but who knows. I already use Vonage for a second phone line and I'll mention in my call Vonage is cheaper per month than Cablevision...atleast when the tripple play deal expires.

So, it turns out going with Sat for TV is cheaper than sticking with Cablevision, then thats the route I'll take. For phone I'll just stick w/ Vonage and a Cell exclusively if they don't want to give me a better price. But as far as Internet goes I wont consider dropping OOL unless a better alternative ever gets to CT, which doesn't seem like thats in the cards in the very near future.


reply to Anorexorcist
i dont work in retention but from what i know if its ur first time having triple play and u call to disconnect then u can usually get it back for another 6 months to a year. but if ur already on a win back promo ur outa luck. also with a win back triple play offer u can get 1 free dvr service for a year so enjoy that.

u really dont have to say much. if u really wanna go all out though call verizon and get the prices they will give u and call with that info sayin verizon offered u a good deal and u wanna know what we can do for u.

oh and one more thing. get to the disco dept first. i hate when people call telling me all about the other offers they got. we cannot transfer to disco until you actually say you want to disconnect so be straight forward if u happen to not make it to disco on the first shot