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Dish Sucks!

I been sayin it for a dang year now! Dish sucks swamp water! Their equipment is over engineered and difficult to use, their customer service sucks, their installation team sucks and they have no clue how to run their business correctly. When I was a contractor for Dish EVERY work order had a mistake on it listing the wrong equipment, the wrong address, the wrong customer name, the wrong account number... Something was always wrong!

I finally threw up my hands one day and stormed in to their warehouse and screamed at their warehouse manager. I told him in about a year that Dish was going to die and either get bought out or go out of business. He said, "yeah right". So okay Gary up in Hayward California.. I told ya so.

I have never had such a distaste for a company as I have for Dish. I will be the first to dance on their grave when they die.