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[Help me] DI-524: iPhone Wi-Fi problem

I have weird problem here.
My routers wifi is working just fine with PCs, but not with iPhones.
Im having lag problems with the wifi on my iPhone. I tested 3 of it and all the same problem. I pinged the iPhone and I got extremely high and unstable latency:

Disparando com 32 bytes de dados:
Resposta de bytes=32 tempo=88ms TTL=64
Resposta de bytes=32 tempo=146ms TTL=64
Resposta de bytes=32 tempo=274ms TTL=64
Resposta de bytes=32 tempo=626ms TTL=64

I pinged my PC over Wi-Fi and I got always 1ms-2ms. So the problem is only with iPhones. I tested my iPhone with an ENCORE USB wifi adapter over AD-HOC mode and it worked just fine, but when i put it on Acesspoint mode i got the same problem of DI-524.
So it seems to have an incompatibility with iPhone with acesspoint mode :/

I contacted Apple and they said to contact Dlink. I contacted DLink and they said to contact Apple ¬¬. I dont know more what to do.

Im using D-Link DI-524 Rev.G1 Fm. Ver. 3.00, wich is the last one.
Can someone please help me ?


IPhone requires you to forward the 22555 ports.


reply to Bodosko
I forwarded the port 22555 to my iPhone IP like you said, but the problem persist.
I tried to add iPhone to the DMZ of the router and still not working.

I dont know much about it, but if its the latency over my home network that is high, the port forward thing doesnt influence this. Am I right ?

Ive noticed two weird things now. At the right moment I connect iPhone to wifi, the latency is fine (1ms) but about five seconds later its high again. And other weird thing, is that when Im listening to online radio at OrbLive on iPhone the latency become stable and fine (1-2ms).

This latency issue when I ping beeing high, could be some power saving system of the iPhone that when Its not receiving data over wifi, this system is activated ? Again, I dont know, but is it a possibility ?