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San Francisco, CA

cyberonic DSL goes down EVERY NIGHT between 9pm and 4am

I have a 6mb/768 connection in San Francisco. For the last 6 weeks I have seen my connection die almost every night, usually around 9:00pm, and it will be down for several hours.

I have repeatedly called cyberonic and they have no good theories.

The DSL light on the modem goes out. It tries to reconnect continuously during this time. If I run a continuous ping to Google, I see that every few minutes it reconnects for 2-10 pings, then dies again.

I have one XP laptop and an Ubuntu linux server behind a linksys router. While on the phone with tech support, I have disconnected the router, and the modem still cannot connect. They sent me a new one, it suffers from the same problem.

I notice that once it's around 8:30-9:00pm, I might be able to load one page on my always-on server before the disruption. This weekend the XP machine wasn't even booted, and it was bad each night.

The outages have started at least as early as 7:00pm, and as late as midnight and usually last 3-6 hours. It has NEVER occurred during the day, and is always OK by 6:00am when we get up.

Cyberonic says they will send a tech out to check the line, but it's been over a week and I have not heard from them. Plus, I have no idea what could be killing the line at a random time each night.

Anyone know where to go for help?


San Francisco, CA
Wow. I read on the forums that someone was having trouble with dimmers and/or CFL bulbs. It looks like I had problems with both- one circuit of incandescent bulbs on a dimmer and one circuit with a couple CFLs on it.

Both circuits seem to be causing problems, and with both modems I have here.

I am not sure why this just started happening, as none of these things are new. And my modem is plugged into my UPS too.

I will let cyberonic know tomorrow.