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reply to Doctor Four

Re: [Scam] Anthony Morrison/Hidden Millionaires Infomercial

You added the product to your cart 2 times on there and you know it! Anyone can test that themselves. That is an educational course, not a system or a business. Maybe you should buy it and learn to make money online instead of wasting your time...

As for the checks and revenue.
they were generated while doing the business. Then a system was developed that allowed for putting other people in business doing the same thing, that clarifys the statement made above.

nobodys going to win here... You can't convince me I'm lieing when I'm not. I can't convince you of anything .. So its pointless.

Kailua, HI
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said by invest :

You added the product to your cart 2 times on there and you know it!
I don't have a clue how those figures appeared in my browser but I do know how what this scam is about
"Your order comes with a 10 DAY FREE TRIAL to the Invest Domains Marketplace. At the end of this FREE TRIAL your credit card will automatically be billed $29.95 a month. In order to opt-out of this billing you need to call into our customer service department at 1-888-286-7713. This request cannot be sent via email, you must call in."
You don't even offer an opt out or an opt in for the free 10 day trial that costs $359.40 per year! Then you've even got the balls to require the cancellation be made in a setting that allows you to browbeat your customer! You're a real piece of work.
said by invest :

nobodys going to win here... You can't convince me I'm lieing when I'm not. I can't convince you of anything .. So its pointless.
It's not about winning. It's about helping people not becoming losers.
That 10 day free trial is way over the top. Anyone who would be willing to force a client to accept something they didn't ask for in the first place & then make strict rules regarding how the client must cancel the service they never wanted in the first place is morally challenged. why the phone call? Is it so you convince them to keep sending you money every month?
Avoid anything that morrison is associated with. If one business is run this way, the others will have no substantial difference in how disrepectful morrison is to his customers.

K Patterson
Columbus, OH
reply to invest
Actually, we are easy to convince. Just post the documents that you have been giving to potential investors TEN DAYS before you accept their money.

Or, just post your audited financial statement here. That shouldn't be a problem.

2 recommendations

The "scam" as it is goes something like this. People see an infomercial air in their local area a few days before the seminar comes to their town. They are greeted with an opening speaker who spends literally almost 2 hours or more wearing down their resistance. He does this by talking in circles and going on and on about the wonderful things they can expect if they invest and why they would be doing themselves a great dis-service if they do not. It's a mild form of brainwashing but it is only effective because the things being implied are stretches of the truth as well as Mr. Gilmore's imagination.

Mr. Morrison follows the speaker and his "sincerity" wins over the few that actually did have the funds to purchase the system. During the training session, the buyers are taught how to actually use the system and the training seems simple enough for them to understand and do for themselves. He patiently waits for them to ask their questions, knowing all the while that until they actually attempt to USE his system to generate income they don't even know what questions they need to ask. To ease their minds, he explains that his technical support staff is on call, free and more than happy to help at any time.

The buyers are given a stack of paperwork to sign which includes but is not limited to a 3 day notice of right to cancel. His staff makes no obvious attempts to conceal this paperworks literal meaning. If you change your mind at any time for any reason within 3 days, you will get your money back. People understand, agree to the dates written into the paperwork and sign. The problem is that the signees rarely take the time to read these dates. The first day of the 3 days begins on the afternoon or evening of their purchase, leaving them with 2 days to change their mind once they get home.

The next phase of the scam is easy to spot if people are paying attention but after listening to hours of David Gilmore's mind-numbing speel, they aren't looking for the negatives anymore. They're excited now, not to mention tired and ready to leave. They are given a new stack of papers which includes (but is not limited to) a 5-day success map or sorts. This piece of paper explains to the buyer what to do on the first five days after purchase; but wait. Don't they only have 2 days and an evening to cancel at this point? Hmmm...... How much money would they be losing if they didn't give it just a little bit of time to prove itself? Morrison is so genuine and seems patient enough to answer even the silliest questions.

Meanwhile back at the home office his technical support staff is beginning to receive phonecalls of the wiser, more lucky individuals who got home and decided to change their minds. They are told that their business is important to Mr. Morrison and offered the same system at half the price, JUST for calling in to cancel. They are assured that this is a special deal that Mr. Morrison is offering only to them. Some bite, others don't.

The buyers that are either ignorant enough or unfortunate enough to give the system that crucial "time and effort" find themselves frustrated in the end after their attempts for help are met with annoyance and agitation. They do work hard and try but they have found that they did indeed bite off more than they (or their bank accounts) could chew and now they owe that annoying $30 monthly service fee for a service they wish they had never bought.

They are intentionally and knowingly misled. Mr. Morrison has called people ignorant on this thread and he sincerely believes people to be exactly that. Probably the worst part about it is that after doing this for so long, he really doesn't feel remorse because he has convinced himself that what he's doing IS ethical as long as people are stupid enough not to read the fine print. The print is there. He doesn't try to hide it. He simply drowns his audience with more information than they can reasonably retain so that they feel overstuffed by the time they leave the seminar. He walks away looking squeeky clean and they walk away with less than they had when they came.

As for his brother's testimonial, let's see the receipt for the $4000 dollar system and the $30 dollar monthly service fees. I can assure you that there are no such receipts. The younger Mr. Morrison did not pay a dime, having already stated himself that he had no such funds. He also had the luxury of living with and having direct contact with the creator of the system of which I have no doubt has given him a tremendous edge.

The elder brother pays literally pays for his entire family's well-being. They live in the house he bought, they drive the cars he bought them, they eat the food he paid for. If he can be accused of generosity, it is only to those closest to him. While there is no shame in that, I think he should definitely be ashamed of the tragedy and devastation he has caused in the financial lives of his buyers just so that his family can live like kings and accuse those who lost their genuinely HARD EARNED money of "sitting around on their lazy butts".

These are the facts. Mr. Morrison will be furious when he checks this post again but hopefully it will help someone to avoid his money trap.

K Patterson
Columbus, OH
Thanks for a great explanation!

Here is what I believe to be the law:

» ··· v07.shtm

Unless his "business opportunity" somehow does not fall under these regs he is in trouble. As has been pointed out, it is pretty difficult to sue for $4,000. The FTC, on the other hand, investigates and files a restraining order and blocks all funds. This is done Ex Parte, meaning without notice to the defendants. The first the defendant knows of it is when the bank tells him he has no money. The investigations are thorough and they rarely go to trial. The defendants hand over all their property, and the government typically settles for this amount which is less than the judgement.

Doctor Olds
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If that is the law, they are breaking it and then some with their sign now and you have 3 days from this morning to get your money back tactic....

# Listen carefully to the sales presentation. Some sales tactics should signal caution. For example, if you are pressured to sign immediately "because prices will go up tomorrow," or "another buyer wants this deal," slow down. A seller with a good offer doesn't use high-pressure tactics. Under the FTC rule, the seller must wait at least 10 business days after giving you the required documents before accepting your money or signature on an agreement. Be wary if the salesperson makes the job sound too easy. The thought of "easy money" may be appealing, but success generally requires hard work.
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