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This is a sub-selection from Waste of time

Canadian, eh?

Valencia, CA
reply to djrobx

Re: Waste of time

Doesn't that happen every fall - Thanksgiving PS-3/Wii, etc.
Supply and demand... Cap the supply to keep demand high.
Canada = Hollywood North

Uhmmm Floor Pie

Livermore, CA

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That makes no sense what so ever. Here in the bay area Wii's still last 5sec on the shelf before they are snatched up by profiteers putting them on ebay/craigslist. I still want/would buy a Wii if I saw it on the shelf. I refuse to pay some scumbags mark up to get one though.

I would think an abundant supply would lead to impulse and regular sales.

Since I stood in line for 4 hours today and came up empty handed I'm pissed. I prob will wait a month or so before I step back into a store looking for one. Of course by then there maybe something better that catches my eye or gets my money.