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Rockwood, MI
·WOW Internet and..
·AT&T Midwest

2wire DSL modem retraining alot today--19 times


DSL modem keeps retraining, filters are good--just put a new one up in the ceiling phone jack for the modem up there. Also reset the modem. If i need to post in direct will do this after people look at the stats

Here they are, let me know what i need to do

DSL Connection Details
DSL Line (Wire Pair): Line 1 (inner pair)
Protocol: G.DMT Annex A
Downstream Rate: 6016 kbps
Upstream Rate: 768 kbps
Channel: Fast
Current Noise Margin: 17.0 dB (Downstream) 18.0 dB (Upstream)
Current Attenuation: 11.7 dB (Downstream) 9.0 dB (Upstream)
Current Output Power: 5.9 dBm (Downstream) 11.9 dBm (Upstream)
DSLAM Vendor Information: Country: {0x00} Vendor: {ALCB} Specific: {0x00}
PVC Info: 0/35
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
Primary Domain Name Server:
Secondary Domain Name Server:
Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU): 1492
Gateway Ping: Successful
DNS Communication: Successful
Configuration Server Post: Successful

Collected for 5 days 10:20:16
Since Reset Current 24-Hour Interval Current 15-Minute Interval Time Since Last Event
ATM Cell Header Errors: 3 0 0 3 days 6:02:07

ATM Loss of Cell Delineation: 1 0 0 3 days 6:05:11

DSL Link Retrains: 19 15 0 0:49:43

DSL Training Errors: 1 0 0 1 day 1:10:27

DSL Training Timeouts: 0 0 0 0:00:00

DSL Loss of Framing Failures: 0 0 0 0:00:00

DSL Loss of Signal Failures: 0 0 0 0:00:00

DSL Loss of Power Failures: 0 0 0 0:00:00

DSL Loss of Margin Failures: 0 0 0 0:00:00

DSL Cumulative Errored Seconds: 6 2 0 9:45:34

DSL Severely Errored Seconds: 0 0 0 0:00:00

DSL Corrected Blocks: 0 0 0 0:00:00

DSL Uncorrected Blocks: 6 2 0 9:45:34

ISP Connection Establishment: 2 2 2 53:58:21

It's coming
Mineral Ridge, OH
I'm rather shocked at that with your line stats. I'll bet interference on something, the question is what.
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Rockwood, MI
·WOW Internet and..
·AT&T Midwest

2 edits
don't know what could be interferring, all is not new in this place, this is first time had real trouble, i just don't know why it's doing it at all, very strange problem, had 6mb package since it became available for $27.99 think in 2006 or 2007(whatever year it was)

Did bring a cordless phone down recently, can disconnect that and see if it improves any

As well as reset the modem in a minute, and see if it acts better or not. Time will tell