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Glen Carbon, IL


Info from most my most recent Bills:

My Verizon Mobile Family Plan:

$94.96 - Four Lines, 700 minutes, $5 insurance on one phone.
$5.76 - Fees, not Taxes
$14.68 - Taxes, not Fees
$116.89 - Grand Total

That's 6.07% in fees, and 15.46% in taxes, or 21.53% total.

AT&T Home Phone:

$50 - Unlimited Domestic Talk, Plus a bunch of features
$5 - To get cheaper International Rates
$55 - Subtotal: Pre-Tax

$9.36 - Fees, not Taxes
$7.98 - Taxes, not Fees
$72.34 - Grand Total

That's 17.0% in fees, and 14.5% in taxes. That's 31.5% overall.

Charter Internet:

$66.99 - HSI, 1.5M/256k, Static IP
$0 - Taxes and Fees
$66.99 - Grand Total

NOTE: I already know that price isn't a particularly good value, so you don't need to get on me about it. I plan to change this soon. I already know that I can get 10/1 for $110 (1yr) or $120 (mo-to-mo).

Very interesting, overall. It looks like it's not just the mobile companies who are lousy about fees and taxes. The fees and taxes are bad on POTS as well. While taxes on POTS are better, the fees are worse.

If they're going to clamp down on the mobile phone companies, they should also clamp down on POTS as well.

I'm just thankful that there's no broadband tax here, so what Charter says I'll pay, is what I in fact do pay.