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Powell, WY

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Possible packet loss?

downloadSurfboard Si··· Log.txt 1,916,169 bytes
Signal log from the past couple days
downloadCMTS Ping.txt 149,418 bytes
Ping Session to the CMTS
Has anybody else been getting packet loss lately? Several times all throughout the day pages will not load then load once refreshed right after timing out. The modem retains sync the whole time and keeps good signal ratings. Pings to the CMTS seem to go from their normal 5-10ms to upwards of 100ms, but I have not yet linked that to the page timeouts. The page timeouts could be caused from the TTL of the packet expiring due to the high latency to the CMTS. I have not yet confirmed that either.

I am running a smokeping on it and have had it going for some time: »/r3/smokeping.···b6bac98b (click on any of the graphs for higher detail from that server).

I had an issue about a week ago where pings just to the CMTS would time out yet the modem would retain sync with good signal levels. The technician replaced the main two way splitter with a tap so that the modem would have a really good line to work with. That stopped that problem, but it seems the page timeouts still persist.

I have a program that polls the modem every 5 seconds and logs the signal readings, I am attaching the log file from the past couple of days if it will help. The layout is date, time, SNR, downstream power, upstream power, upstream channel. I am also attaching a ping session that I just did to the CMTS that shows the higher response times (I removed the IP address of the CMTS, though anybody could find it just by looking in their modem logs). All of the pings that I have been doing have been done from my router on a telnet session.