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SexaT duorP
Saint Louis, MO

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reply to Scatcatpdx

Re: Horse and Buggy Technology

said by Scatcatpdx:

The explains use net to me.

I see this ISP using the crackdown as an excuse so they would not have to waste time on a vocal minority. The web a la Blogs, and Social networking killed USENET. I haven't installed a Usenet reader in two years. Today most groups I was involved with are unused or just spam. What next for you Karl, we bring back Gopher.
Seems you don't "get" usenet then. The problem with the web is that people don't want to go to a bunch of different forums to discuss X,Y,Z with other users. People don't want to browse long blog diatribes by self-important writers. Usenet provides perfect, centralized discussion for the entire planet. Instead of thousands of servers with millions of independent forums, you have thousands of servers mirroring the same discussions, making the same discussions available worldwide. If i'm on usenet and i'm curious about conservatism, i'll lurk the conservative groups. If i'm on the web, i'm FAAAR more likely to stick to websites i know or that i'm linked to, because there's too much hassle in browsing random forums looking for that one rare forum with good discussion, where people won't berate you your first 100 posts for being a newbie, etc.. etc..

Usenet aint perfect, but it aint obsolete either.
"What makes us omniscient? Have we a record of omniscience? ...If we can't persuade nations with comparable values of the merit of our cause, we'd better reexamine our reasoning."
-United States Secretary of Defense (1961-1968) Robert S. McNamara

Fur It Up

Portland, OR
I have to disagree, I been on line before the days of the net starting with BBS, CompuServe and Prodigy. The message traffic was insane at times. The came came the Internet and Usenet. I would spend a good half hour downloading 100s of messages over dial-up. But as the web became more popular I notice message traffic would decrease even thought the growth of the internet was rising exponentially. I remember many fan and popular groups had hundreds of messages became virtual ghost towns.

Human nature tend to isolated into smaller cliques rather to be part a larger community. Why should the use USENET when one can have their very own "pimped out" MySpace page.