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Litchfield, NH

New Fairpoint user. Where is help/info?

HI. I just got Fairpoint FIOS service yesterday... though I sort of assume that's incorrect naming for it... but the Fairpoint guys installing it called it FIOS. They used some Verizon hardware (the wireless router, and the battery backup... the ONT is Motorola). And they gave me a Verizon FIOS information packet.

To be clear, I have not migrated from Verizon... This is new service. (Oh.. and so far, its great.)

And here's where my questions start. The FIOS user's guide suggests going to CENTRAL.VERIZON.NET... which I tried. But to register, I have to provide my FIOS order number. I don't have any such.

Should I be eligible for the services of Central.Verizon.NET?

If not, does FAIRPOINT have anything similar.

I'll be looking for information such as:

1) What's the SMTP server name/address?
2) Is there a NEWS server available?

I don't need a POP email account, but I have to assume such a thing is available... in fact, I think I saw I'm eligible for 9. Though perhaps that was Verizon.

There must be (ought to be) a Fairpoint website for Fairpoint customers.


- stp

Milford, NH
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Welcome to BBR.

As your are aware FIOS is the trademarked name for Verizon FTTP, so at some point FairPoint will need to come with with another name.

Not sure about the web site, I have ADSL not FIOS but even though I can still access the Verizon site cannot modify my account info. I assume that is because FairPoint has not fully transitioned to their own stuff and some, but not all, is still being handled by Verizon.

If no one else posts best bet will be to call FairPoint and ask what you need to do as a new FIOS customer.

BTW are you posting from your FIOS connection?



Litchfield, NH
reply to STPitcher

Yes... I've shut down my satellite, and am using the Fairpoint FIOS (?).


- stp

Nashua, NH

1 edit

We're still going through Verizon for Fairpoint's "fiber network services" (aka FiOS in drag), so for now call it FiOS and Verizon. It has been stated that at some point we'll be forced to pick new e-mail addresses in some Fairpoint domain. I'm assuming that some point down the road we'll be pulled from Vz's network and routed through some FP swamp.

e-mail servers: incoming.verizon.net and outgoing.verizon.net
You'll need to set up the outgoing connection to authenticate using your username & password

Usenet: news.verizon.net
You'll need to set up authentication using your username & password.
Verizon does provide Usenet groups, but they recently down-sized to the "big 8" groups in a sham attempt to go after child pornography in the alt.* hierarchy (New York's governor was threatening legal action, so Verizon bailed).

Hope that helps.

P.S. Go to dslstart.verizon.net - that gets you to Verizon Central. Log in using your username and password.

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Im not sure
reply to STPitcher

I have had NH FIOS since they first started installing a couple years ago. For email we are still "johndoe at verizon dot net".

We are serviced out of the Verizon Fiber Solutions Center. FairPoint will not take over operations until Thanksgiving weekend according to the NH PUC.

The fiber network that we are on is still, technically, Verizon FIOS. If you call FairPoint customer service and can find someone who knows that they have residential fiber, you are one up on me.

However, technically, in their call centers there is supposed to be someone available to take calls related to fiber. They should be able to resolve this for you.

It is a mess for everyone, as the right hand has no clue what the left is doing. In the long run, whatever gets done, your account:

1) Must have information attached to the account that reflects the FairPoint billing codes, and

2) Must be recognizable as a new FIOS account to the Verizon Fiber Solutions Center.

As they are two totally different systems, I would start with Fairpoint's customer service, see what they can do, make sure that their billing codes are correct (they can check that) and then see if you need to contact Verizon.
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