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Re: Just content providers trying to shift costs to ISPs


P2P is fully scalable, the technology you are talking about is far less versatile and the P2P solution allows the person viewing the content to decide if it is good enough to share with others. A film can become an overnight hit and have enough seeds to stream it. Can your server farm do that? It would probably take the week.

BTW do you think the 5mb/s dsl connection has been fully amortized by the phone company? You guys act like they lay down new infrastructure every year. When in fact we've had the same framework for the better part of a decade. Are you really going to try and tell me that now the data passing along my line is worth X$/GB?

I'm not discussing the technology's capability, I'm talking about the expense to support the technology. A properly configured/supported server farm can do what you're talking about just as well as a P2P solution...it just costs the content distributor more money.

The data passing along your line can be equated to $x/GB. The problem is that the algorithms of the outdated business plans of a majority of ISPs are beginning to show their age. Exponential usage can't continue without scaling costs to cover maintenance and expansion of the network.

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said by backness:

P2P is fully scalable
Only if you ignore reality.

P2P is still a minority application on the Internet and it's still driving traffic only 2nd to HTTP. Since HTTP is a universally used application, that's saying quite a bit.

P2P video distribution will fold existing networks before it reaches any kind of truly meaningful scale, because we haven't invented high enough capacity hardware yet to be able to replace video distribution with a jumbled mess of unicast feed.

said by backness:

A film can become an overnight hit and have enough seeds to stream it. Can your server farm do that?
Akamai cracked this nut a decade ago. P2P distribution is a half-ass approach to the same problem that shifts the distribution load to the edge of the network where links are slower and infrastructure is more expensive. Either way, having overall bandwidth consumption increase linearly with every view of identical content is strategically retarded.