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Sun Prairie, WI
reply to Big Pete

Re: The problem facing verizon is this..

I agree that FTP is the way to go. You can not compare maintainence of Backhaul Cables to the Main Cables that run from the CO to F1 cables, to F2 cables, and then to drops. Backhauls are run thru remote areas and/or along our highway system--that protects them from "Joe 6-pack" who digs in his yard w/o locating lines and cuts the F1 feeding his neighborhood. The system of cables that run to the endusers have many more access points than backhauls, which leads to more potential problems. Moreover, the main/feeder cables run thru more congested areas and are more susceptible to damage from traffic accidents, contractor/construction cuts, and etc. Verizon may believe they will have the same low maintainence as backhauls, but as stated earlier it is not proven as of yet.