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Reality Check

We should take a deep breath and be realistic. The list Verizon put out listing where FIOS is available is practically meaningless when it comes to apartment inhabitants, i.e. if you live in Manhattan. Whether you get can FIOS depends completely on whether your landlord or building owner has reached an agreement with Verizon to wire the building. Time Warner and Cablevision are going to rely on this inherent inertia; unfortunately, it's going to be YEARS before FIOS is deployed to the point where you can just assume that the building you're living in has it available.

I just stopped off the Verizon event at Grand Central Terminal. They're giving away free stuff like bags and also promotional stuff like channel guide. They also have notebooks where they will look up your address. The website they use is the same one publicly available online. Unfortunately, my building located in West Side/Midtown of Manhattan (57th and 11th Ave) isn't wired, even though it was only built 3 years ago. I wish my management company would do something but I'm not going to hold my breath.


If they go on strike no one will see the light for a while.