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outlaw contract

reply to ponistd

Re: How bout early term. fees....

I wouldn't sign up for a contract any more. Forcing users to sign a contract is anticompetitive. Trying to get any qualify customer/tech services after you lock in is next to non-existence.

I just hope, when FIOS internet available in NYC, it will force TWC to increase it's speed. 10 is fine for me now, I just want them to increase the upload. Currently, TWC is 3x the speed of DSL, and same price. Actually, it's cheaper because there is no contract.

said by ponistd:

said by speeddemon100:

Fios has early term fees if you move.
Based on what the Verizon reps continue to tell me over the phone, the statement above is not true. Every FiOS representative I have talked to says that, if I were to move to an area that does not have FiOS, I would not be charged an early termination fee (ETF). The only time I would get charged the ETF is if I moved to an area where I could get FiOS and elected not to do so. That sounds pretty reasonable to me.

This situation is of particular importance to me as I currently rent my place and do plan to move into a townhouse or house someday. Hopefully I won't have to move to an area that doesn't have FiOS, but if I do, Verizon had better not go back on its word and stick me with an ETF...