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Douglasville, GA

Excellent Service from Atlantic Nexus - Fast Turnaround

I returned home on Tuesday, July 29, 2008 to discover that my internet was down. After some investigation, I found that my current provider, SpeedFactory, had discontinued DSL service in Atlanta without giving its customers notice. By the time that I had figured all of this out, it was past 5:00PM.

When Speedfactory had its April 2008 outages, I researched several providers, and had narrowed my search down to Atlantic Nexus. However, I remained at Speedfactory because they had a reasonable explanation for their outage, they had provided good customer service up to that point, and they said that they would give everyone a free month for the inconvenience.

Moving back to yesterday, I placed the order after 5:00PM. On the order form, I asked if I could use my old equipment. Within an hour of placing the order, Chris had called me to explain a few options to me. At roughly the same time, I received an e-mail from Tim answering a question that I had asked via e-mail at the time that I placed the order.

The Atlantic Nexus staff expected me to be up by Friday at the latest.

However, I was back on-line by 11:00 AM the following day (Wednesday). This was less than 24 hours!

For those of you considering the move, here is what it cost:

Type of Service: 3.5mb $39.99
Static IP: 1 $5.00
Modem Kit Shipping: $9.99
Expedite: $4.99
Subtotal: $59.97
Tax: $0.00
Total: $59.97

sf customer ex
Atlantic Nexus simple rocks. After hearing the phone message Tuesday night that Speedfactory had discontinued DSL service in Metro Atlanta, I was able to use speedfactory dial up. I put in a web order for DSL service with Atlantic Nexus at 7pm Tuesday night saying I was a speedfactory customer and had my DSL service discontinued. At 2 am Wednesday morning I receive a confirmation email from an Atlantic Nexus sales rep. At 5am I request an additional email account for my wife. At 8am my webmail account was working. At 11am get confirmation my wife's email account was activate and I was able to access the account via webmail. At 6pm while still using the same speedfactory dsl modem with no configuration changes, I make the necessary account setup changes on my router. BINGO we have Atlantic Nexus DSL in less than 24 hours.


Now I'm an EX sf customer