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San Francisco, CA

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reply to Veloslave

Re: Poor handling by sonic.net support - DDoS attack

Dane wasn't the issue since he has always done a great job... It's just the way they handle things and claim this can't be done and it's standard procedure, etc. That excuse will work for customers who had never been at the service provider level before. You can run a IRC server and everyone will try to hack it or DDoS it as we have experienced before. And then there are people who didn't know better and try to do something to others but they left a clear trail and there are always those who are innocent. I'm not a stranger to the internet and dnalogic.net is in all my signatures on the over forums on over 150+ websites I had visited in some point or another so it was not hard to find my IP. Technically, I could be dead and someone would still DDoS me at random. I just think that as a customer which is still a business relationship, sonic.net should not have gone killing the dial-up portion of the account and webmail since that really serves no purpose. If I was a corporate business and this happened, you can bet on it that sonic.net will have some form of legal action filed as it would be a disruption of business and there are always monetary losses when there is downtime.
Even for the ISP that I own and run, I always think about liability issues for each action I take since unless there was a documented complaint, shutting off a customers connection can really get us in trouble and under the water.
Unlike a business who isn't living, a person such as myself for whatever time loss, the time flows away like a river and will never return. Everything was fine when Dane and I were e-mailing each other since even Dane said I was supposed to have sonic.net dial-up access as a backup and while sonic.net live support was available, it kept saying no one is available so I left the message and ofcourse the response went to webmail which I can't access because my account is supposedly suspended for all sonic.net services.
And what I find amusing is that for a NOC that is supposed to monitor their networks stats, if I didn't call them, the DDoS would probably have gone indefinitely since I knew exactly how to fix the problem as the attack never got past the FreeBSD kernel but the circuit was being filled to capacity by the UDP packets. I still like to see what their research so far shows. Since it seems that if I didn't call, I could have just let the DDoS go and atleast I'll be able to use my dial-up sonic.net connection even though it might be slow but atleast I will be able to get
work done but what I ended up with is a permanent DDoS attack with the attacker being sonic.net.

From wikipedia, under the Surving an attack section:

»en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denial-of- ··· e_attack

It's supposed to be for sonic.net to work upstream until the attacker or their provider is contacted instead of downstream and killing the customer instead.

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