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Athens, GA

From SF to Atlantic Nexus in 6hrs

I put my order for DSL today after I got back in town. I run one site that is local and another that has a nasty habit of showing up on the front page of Digg and Reddit at the same time.

Point being I placed my web order for business DSL in @ 11.15 A.M. and by reading the forums here I was able to SSH into my router and have everything ready. When I got home around 18.45'ish I logged in and clicked connect and my jaw dropped. Yeah, it worked.

For those of you with a HawkingTech HAR11... leave it be if in bridge mode. It will work just proper. Just change your user/psswd in the form of + psswd PPOE

If you use it as a router visit in a web browser and tend to EZsetup and change said options.
Psswd: admin -That is the login

Bam! it will work.

Any who I give kudos for having my line up and going within 7 hours.

I should note the speed from Athens are slower than SF.

Hey, I just ran the tests.

After three runs we have 2.8 down and 289 up. This is from my old test from SF @ "3.7/412" from the SF average.

Hey, hands down go with this company A Nex is solid people.