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Re: Poor handling by sonic.net support - DDoS attack

I think with the issue with growth we've seen here is the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing which I didn't think before Tuesday, July 29, 2008 that I would ever say about sonic.net.
I have to agree. I look at Danes actions, the direction the company has taken and can only conclude that overall Dane is trying to run a good company in the right direction. But like a militia that grows into a military, the good guys at the top start to become undermined by the numerous and sometimes weaker troops at the bottom.

My guess is that the marjor metric Dane uses to measure his staffs performance are reports from managers and customer satisfaction surveys (which managers will generally try to clean up before presenting in any business).

I bet if Dane would do some secret shopper type activity, he might be shocked what is really happening compared to what he has told people to do and what he is being told people are doing.

I remember a friend of mine recounting to me a story of a senior staff member at a hospital who was always sure they were doing everything right and anyone who complained was doing so wrongly. The numbers looked great and reports all said everything was top notch.

Then his step daughter came in for some care. She had a different last name and no one recognized her.

Let's just say there were some serious shake ups and changes in the weeks following.

Remember, I am a one person NOC and I have never failed, it's surpising how sonic.net really failed this time as far as my latest experience goes.
And that is why you have probably never let your customers down, because there is no one to blame but you if it happens.

When you can blame a manager, fire someone or cut a budget in response to a mistake, that's when many start to find details slipping.

Likewise, when you don'town the company and your drivinng force is your paycheck and not necessarily the big picture or achieving your dream by shaping and directing the company, it gets easier to rationalize actions that aren't necessarily in the best interest of the customer and the business.

In my onsite technology work I am usually overloaded and have to turn customers away at times because I can't give them quality service with the current workload (they usually wait and make do until I can get to them which says something I would think) but I won't hire anyone under me because I would feel 100% responsible for their level of service and I am just not comfortable slapping my name on someone elses work...

Sonic is getting bigger, and every company has an "expected" number of errors or unhappy customers per capita. As sonic grows it may have enough happy customers to unhappy ones to meet their expectations, but looking at the hospital story, it's not hard to see the logic behind "1 unhappy customer is 1 too many if you are that customer".

I hope sonic doesn't get too ahead of itself thinking that since sonic is the premium company, not the cheapest, it's acceptable to have unhappy customers because those who are unhappy must have only been here under the misguided belief sonic was the cheapest.

As long as we are tossing sayings around, someone once recounted to me that if you think 1% failure rate is acceptable, that would mean that you would accept 30 crashes a day at Chicago O'Hare Airport.

San Francisco, CA
You have good points and I'm sure Dane actually gets good feedback when he is contacted by e-mail from customers or
via the DSLReports forums or even the sonic.net newsgroups, it's just a lot of the other sonic.net staff who you only
hear on the telephone and support@sonic.net e-mails that
really need to be more aware of things.

I don't let my customers down for other reasons too since basically I built everything from scratch including routers which are bespoke FreeBSD boxes with DS1-OC3 interface cards which works wonders around Cisco provided solutions so I don't want to see what I built fail.

Even when I own the company, I haven't been paid either other than maybe $300 for the entire 12 years so it was more of helping people than thinking of it as a job as I am a Astrophysicist working for NASA where my income actually comes from except for the past few years when my daily income from investing beats what I make monthly at work.

I believe in doing things myself since I can let someone else read all the investment news daily for me but the bottom line is I will not learn anything at the end of the day, I rather have a text to speech program read it all to me instead which is a good idea as soon as I find one that's good.

That Chicago O'Hare Airport is a good one.... Do we have to bring the how each OS is different and let's not talk about Microsoft making cars... Just for laughs...

DOS: everybody pushes it till it glides, jumps on, and lets it coast till it skids... then jumps off, pushes, jumps back on, etc.

DOS w/QEMM: same as DOS but with more leg room to push.

MAC: all the stewards, stewardesses, captains, baggage handlers, etc., look the same, act the same, and talk the same. Every time you ask questions about details you are told you don't need to know, don't want to know, and everything will be done for you without knowing, so just shut up.

OS/2: to get on board you have to have your ticket stamped 10 different times by standing in 10 different lines; then you have to fill out a form that states how you want your seating arrangement to be--whether it should have the look and feel of an ocean liner, a passenger train, or a bus. If you are successful in getting on board and getting off the ground you have a wonderful, enjoyable trip... except for times when the rudder and flaps freeze stuck, in which case you have time to say your prayers and get your personal things in order before you crash.

Windows: nice colorful airport terminal, friendly stewards/stewardesses, easy access to a plane, uneventful takeoff.... then BOOM!

NT: everyone sits on the runway and forms the outline of a plane, then they just sit there and go "PHHLLZZZSST" like they're flying.

Unix: everyone brings one piece of the plane with them when they come to the airport. Then they go out on the runway and piece it together, all the time arguing about what kind of plane they are building.

Don't have one for Mac OSX yet as it didn't exist when the above was written but MacOSX is basically FreeBSD/Unix underneath with the Aqua GUI.
DNA Logic Corporation



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I haven't visited the sonic newsgroups so I can't say but I would guess you are probably right about the level of info Dane recieves. At this point I can only speculate on where issues may be comming from, but I think we both have empirical data showing that the employees are probably not doing what Dane expects of them at least some times. Humans are imperfect, I just hope that when these imperfections are brought to attention Dane see's it as an opportunity to improve his staff, not as an opportunity to figure out what is wrong with the customer complaining that got him or her into that situation.

I like the airplane thing... I can just see a bunch of bearded suspender wearing guys screwing a hellicopter rotor onto a jet plane frame and swearing that if they just had access to the root it would work.

I just realized... you are actually a rocket scientist...

San Francisco, CA
Yeah so I think even for this thread, it would atleast make other fellow sonic.net users aware what's the worst scenario they will be in if they get attacked for whatever reason so they can't say no one told them ahead of time and atleast they won't get a heart attack!