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[Network] How do I port Foward my windstream modem?

Well, I've looked everywhere for someone who might know how to do this in dept. My Speed stream modem is a 4200 series
and I'm kinda new to port forwarding, how do I open a port to
let my steam client through, cause it keeps showing up on LAN
and I want it to show on the servers list instead of LAN.
I know how to get in and configure it so I'm not a complete noob. the ports I tried to open were 27000 - 27020 (UDP)
and 27020 - 27050 (TCP) and so far nothing worked.

A little help would be very nice.

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You already forwarded the ports?
Try sv_lan 0 in console, it should let friends join I don't know if it will show up on the master server list.

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reply to TroubledGamer

Read this to get the basics:

Set your Steam PC to a Static Private IP outside the DHCP Range the 4200 uses. If the 4200 is using all the IPs between and you will have to correct that first. See image:

How To setup a Static IP Address

Then setup Port Forwarding to point to the PC with the Static IP.

Port Forwarding for the Siemens 4200

# Steam Client

# Steam Server

The User Guide also has this info, but not as detailed.

»Efficient Networks Forum FAQ »Where can I get the User Guide or Quick Start Guide for the 4100/4200 Router?


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