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looking for the IP of a 4400 switch

Hello guys and thank you for reading my post!

I have the same type of switch and downloaded 3Com® Network Director v2.5 to search for the switch. This console found all my servers, printers, PCs and router, but not the switch. It did found something that I do not recognized with mac address 00-e0-c7-07-cc-4a, traceroute will not provide any information and switch manager version 3.0, sp8, release 0001 will no open with the IP address. So, either this switch manager does not support my switch or the IP address the director software found is not the switch.

I am a MS engineer who only deals with servers and PCs, but I have being asked to set this used switch so I am learning.... the serial port connection is not an option for me. Could anyone please help? Servers are Windows2003 and the private IP range is to 254. Would the switch use an IP from this range?

Your help would be GREATLY appreciated,