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Mr Matt

Eustis, FL
·Embarq Now Centu..

The Entertainment Industry behaves like a spoiled brat.

When I was about Thirteen I was invited to a birthday party for a friends brother, age about Six. When the parents brought out the birthday cake the bratty Six Year Old began screaming, it was his birthday cake and he did not want anyone else to have any. The kid was behaving like a pig. That is how the Copyright Pigs are acting. They want total control of their copyrighted works even if the use of those works would not result in another sale of their product. Give the Copyright Pigs another few years and fair use will be contracted out of existence.

I would have a problem subscribing to DVR Service if I could not repeat a segment of a program even if it means skipping a commercial. I have repeated some commercials when I had a real interest in the product. On the other hand watching an advertisement for a Medicare Supplement is a waste of my time when I do not qualify for Medicare. I am waiting for the copyright pigs to outlaw mute buttons on remote controls.