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Des Plaines, IL
reply to FFH

Re: Will it be cheaper than renting a DVR from cable company

said by FFH:

This might be interesting depending on what they charge per month for the service. A DVR can run anywhere from $10 to $20 per month for each DVR from a cable company. But a hosted server could be used from multiple TVs without having a DVR on each TV.

It would also depend on whether they allow fast forwarding thru commercials or not. A service that doesn't do that would be pretty worthless for most people.

Also with a networked DVR service, you are subject to the same problems people have with VOD - and that is all the available channels available at a node for VOD can be used up by neighbors and you may get an error msg that you can't play back your recording when you want to. Of course, a good deployment of SDV could mitigate this problem.

It may be PPV like some VOD content is and there will system limits like channel over load and more.

Also will movies on free channels be able to be put on this or will you be forced to use VOD PPV for them?