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Things to Look for when Troubleshooting Primus DSL

Connect But Can't Browse
-Look At your firewall settings , Anti-virus Software settings make sure its not blocking port 80.
-Delete Temporary Internet Files.
-Delete Cookies
-Can you Ping with host or ip?
-Turn modem off for ten seconds and turn it back on
Can't Connect
-Turn modem off for ten seconds and turn it back on
-Try and note error the error you get.
Username/Password issues Double check spelling on username and password

Check Cables
-Is Ethernet light on , on the modem . If not check the network cable.
-Is DSL light off or flashing , If so check your phone cord from the modem to the wall should be less then 6 feet check filters on phones try with phones unplugged. And the modem should not have a filter on it.
Flashing Red/Green Power light unplug network and phone cable if it stops might be a bad cable. Reset hole in the back of the modem try to push it in for 10 seconds(might have to call tech support to reconfigure)
Can't connect with router.
Remove router and test with modem directly connected try and connect , and see if you can browse, if yes , look at your router settings, reboot router, then test it again with modem connected to router , if it still fails reconfigure router , if you are unsure of how call your router company they will help you set it up.

If you still cant connect with the modem directly connected to the computer note the error, if you don't have internet to research error call your tech support they will look it up for you.

Just adding a new router to your Primus modem
If everything fails after configuring router call your tech support make sure your modem is configure to use a router with it.