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My views are my own.
reply to cypherstream

Re: Has it's pro's and Cons

said by cypherstream:

Not only transport controls, but show retention could be limited. What if a network says that you can only keep a show for a week tops. Your on a vacation for a week, and when you come home you have none of your shows because they fell behind the retention schedule. Too bad.
A couple quick things:

Networks can already flag content and providers can already can delete content as they wish.. it's already been done a few times.

Second, the supreme court already ruled that the content flag was unlawful. Technically, they aren't supposed to be doing it. There was an article I posed on this the other day. This was banned in 2005... (I know they do it now, but I don't think it will be going on much longer.. )

I really don't think the network DVR will have a deletion/retention schedule.. just my opinion.