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San Diego, CA
reply to fiberguy

Re: Lukewarm

Come on now. I don't disagree with anything you said. In fact I think they're very good ideas and if I had my way, you'd be running Cox Communications.

All I'm saying is, you know as well as everyone on this board that what you're pitching is too consumer friendly, and the cable companies will do everything in their power to charge you for everything, even that which is not logical.

I'm not calling them "evil" and I don't demand "free". If you read my initial post, all I said was I don't like network DVR because of limitations that the cable companies would likely employ to fatten their pocket. I don't like paying a fee to record TV, no. But that's because it's silly. I could theoretically output video to my computer and record it for free, so why should a DVR be any different? It's not a logical charge.

Going network just exacerbates the problem, because then you take away the box (read: rental fee), you take away the cost of delivery beyond standard broadcasting, and you take away the troubleshooting. So what's left to be charged?

Don't misunderstand my post as an attack. I'm playing Devil's Advocate here. I like your ideas; I just know that big cable wouldn't even entertain the notion of making it an easy and convenient service. Look at CableCARDs.